Hello world!

This blog is an attempt to get me writing more often and also part of a larger intention to put my throughts and ideas out there for the purpose of generating conversations and feedback.

What this means:

  • While I will occasionally go through and qualify statements or edit for clarity or structure or whatever else suits my fancy, the posts here are not what I would consider “final draft” level. When I make an absolute-sounding statment, I am doing so because those are the words that came out of my head and onto the computer.  I claim no authority on the Truth (or any number of smaller but highly significant “t”ruths).
  • There may be funky capitalization, or grammar. There will be hashtags all over the place (partly for ease of review or identifying trends or topics, partly just because I’m still learning the art of tagging).  Again, if I begin to edit too much, I will never post anything, and that’s counter to the point of this blog.
  • The level of research behind or underlying support of various ideas that I put out here will vary wildly. This is a place to capture, brainstorm, and engage in conversation. If you have information or knowledge relevant to something I’m saying (especially if your sources clearly indicate something different than what I’m positing) then please – I very much welcome feedback.  I am not so attached to my beliefs that I will not revise them based on new information.

Commenting, etc:
Ideally, I would love this blog to be a place where a lot of great conversations go on about some really cool topics.   That said, I am also very aware that there are some communication styles that I find extremely difficult to hear through. If I become aware of someone using something those styles, I will attempt to communicate that to them as best as I am able. But I don’t intend that communication to be a derailment of whatever conversation was going on at the time.

I don’t intend for this blog (or its comments) to be a place where I am constantly obligated to educate someone on more effective ways of communicating across social barriers. However, I think it serves in everyone’s best interest if we’re actually able to hear what others are saying, so there is a significant amount of time and energy I generally earmark for actions that move the conversational group as a whole closer to that space.  If there are recurring themes or trends, I don’t doubt I’ll end up putting a post up about it at some point, if – for no other reason – to create a space to discuss that topic.

Any screening I do of comments will done with the intention of facilitating and promoting these ideas, and will most likely be reserved for times when my other attempts are ineffective in moving the conversation back into a viable place of interaction on the topic at hand.


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